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Matching luggage cakes for a joint 70th birthday.

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My friend Lucy’s folks were celebrating their 70th together, so we concocted a pair of matching suitcase cakes.

Each one has luggage labels relating to places they’ve been and things they’ve done. Johanna’s bag is rather overpacked! Apparently she always take slippers with her wherever she goes. Good to be prepared for relaxation.


More pics here.

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Idiosyncratic wedding cakes

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People really do want the strangest things on their cakes. This year’s wedding cakes featured:

A surfing bride and groom, monkeys in Birkenstocks and drunk gymnasts…


(All modeled in sugar.) More pics here.

…A bride dragging her groom to the altar, with pet dog and VW Beetle…


(I just made the toppers – they’re fimo clay). More pics here.

…A whole lot of shoes, cats, glasses, a scarf, records, skis, Farrow & Ball paint colours and a Primark bag…


(I just made the decorations. These are all sugar.) More pics here.

…And last but not least, a huge tower of flowery cupcakes with the bride and groom on a motortrike.



The topper is made from Fimo clay. The wheels move on the trike.  More pics here.

Whatever you want, I’ll make it!

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Recent birthday cakes

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A few birthday cakes I made this summer.

A cake fit for a queen (or a duchess):


More pics here.

An avengers themed cake:


More pics here.

And A Wizard of Oz themed cake:


Sadly this one suffered from heatstroke. Lions and tigers and bears Oh My!

More pics here.


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A few birthday drinks

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A couple of nice birthday cakes I did this summer involved bottles of fizzy pop.

One was a giant fizzy cola bottle sweet.


Apparently the birthday girl in question liked to pretend to shake a cola bottle sweet before passing it to her friend, who would then pretend it had exploded when she opened it. Heh heh. More pics here.

The other was an ice bucket with a bottle of champagne.


All chocolate cake and sugar paste! The ice was fox’s glacier mints. More pics here.


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Hello! Is it me you’re looking for?

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The members of The Parsonage choir wanted a spectacular surprise for the 40th birthday of their choir mistress, Janis. It started off as a joke, but I like a challenge.

If you’ve not seen the video to ‘Hello’ by Lionel Richie, you’re in for a treat. Skip to 4’45 to see what I was asked to make a copy of:

Or if you can’t do youtube, here’s a screenshot:

Hello video screenshot

Yes, they wanted a dodgy clay bust of Lionel Richie. Made from cake.

It was tricky, but not impossible:

finished cake

I would like to have given him bigger hair, but he was in danger of toppling over. Apparently the birthday girl went into hysterics on being presented with Lionel.

He soon entered into the party spirit though:

Party time!

Click here for more pictures of the cake under construction.

January 27, 2012 0

For auld lang syne

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I was asked to make a cake for my friend Anne, to say thanks to everyone at the nursing home while she gets better.

It was to be delivered for their Burns night celebration on Jan 25th, so I thought a Robert Burns themed cake was in order.

The cake is a big block of granite, on which sit a haggis (knife plunged in), a quill pen and inkwell, a swathe of Burns tartan, a wee bottle of whisky dated the year of his birth, a scroll with some lines of poetry and a little gold portrait of the great man.


The lines of poetry are Burns. I wanted something that said thank you. Brawlie means ‘very much’.

It’s all edible. The haggis and bottle are made with a crumb and icing modelling paste – similar to what cake pops are made from.

I was particularly pleased with the portrait. I used a fine food-colouring pen to draw it.

Making it set in the mood for a Burns supper, but I had a terrible difficulty getting some haggis on the 25th. Ended up with individually wrapped microwaveable haggis slices, which was a bit tragic.

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Meg’s birthday kittens cake

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A silly cake for my sister Meg’s birthday. She said she was thinking of getting some kittens when she moves into her new flat. So I put the kittens in a basket. With wool. They were meant to be uber kitsch so I gave them huge eyes. Still not quite creepy enough for my liking.


For more kitten in a basket pics, click here.

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Some sporty birthday cakes

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I made two cakes in quick succession for some big birthdays – a 40th and a 50th. Both recipients were superfit. Not the sort of people that eat a lot of cake, I suspect.

Julie is a proper gym bunny. She runs marathons, loves spin class and horse riding. So I combined all these into her very own Gym.



There’s a running track, stables, spin bike, yoga mat, skipping rope, big ball, dumbells and a climbing wall at the back.

Of course, I included a jacuzzi at the top. No point working out if you can’t relax afterwards.

For more pictures of the gym cake, click here. 

Angus is also a marathon runner. His wife wanted me to include his whole family on his birthday cake.
So I made an extra long cake. It was so long it had to be made in two pieces.

His two girls are holding up a banner and his wife is waiting for him at the finish line. (The two runners at the back are just extras – they’ve got Angus’s birthday as their running numbers.)



The finishing board shows his best marathon time.

For more pictures of the marathon cake click here.


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On the bonny banks of Loch Lomond

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My dear friends Kirsty and Alistair got married at Rowardennan Lodge on Loch Lomond.

The inspiration for the cake was actually an old railway poster of Loch Lomond, which they printed in their order of service.

'Loch Lomond', LMS and LNER poster, 1923-1947.

I took the colours from the poster and used them in stripes on the cake, with different tiers representing different areas – sky, mountains, woods, water. My pasta roller came in very handy for the stripes.


Topped with a model of the bride and groom. I had to rather guess at the bride’s dress, as she hadn’t finished making it a week before the wedding!



(Cake’s gone a wee bit shiny in the last picture – that’s the danger of plastic marquees.)

It was a great day. I even went for a dip in the loch the morning after. Congratulations you two!


October 17, 2011 1

Ginny’s wee wedding

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My friends Ginny and Gavin got hitched in Edinburgh with a very bijou wedding for just 10 guests. I was one of the lucky few. We had dinner over the road from the registry office then crossed the road again to the pub for some band karaoke.

Such a neat and tidy wedding needed a dinky cake. Or 10 of them. One for each guest.
I still made them too big – we only managed two between all of us.


Apparently these are called ‘Elopement Cakes’. I made them in a rainbow of sugarpaste and tried lots of different piping techniques. Each has a flower with a G in the middle.